If you are trying to improve your Google ranking and visibility then you obviously have to consider using the right keywords that people would use to search for your business.

Most people didn’t know that Google actually offers a service where you can see how many times your preferred keywords have been googled in the past. On Google Trends you can find out if your preferred keywords are being searched often or which combination is the most used one. 

Simply add your keywords and compare

You can just enter multiple keyword combinations and compare them with other.


Select the country from where the search is done.

When you select a country from where the user is searching and located you can specify even better what people in that region are looking for.

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The sudden COVID-19 outbreak has caused a massive set-back to businesses

And even worse, the prompt lockdown in most countries has had such a huge impact on all of us. From small restaurants to multinational corporations. All of them have been forced to change how they do work amid a series of shutdown orders to help stem the tide of the virus. They have also had to implement these massive organizational changes in just a matter of weeks to attempt to stay afloat — with many companies shifting to full-scale working from home plans and others going all in on delivery – if they were lucky enough to do so!

What can big companies and small, local businesses do to avoid bankruptcy?

To be straight up with you – there is no magical formula! Nobody knows how long this crisis will last and what impact it will have on the future “post-corona”

But businesses can and will have to adapt!

Most of trades, purchases and shopping is still done in a personal or physical way. Social distancing prevents people from doing so at the moment so why not using the digital and online way to keep our business alive? The internet is a, at least “short-term” solution to this. If not even the long-term solution to make businesses less depending on physical contact or sales.

Go online and sell your products!

Many companies have the chance to sell their goods and products online. There is plenty of ways of doing so. An online web store for example. Many web designers offer right now incredible deals to help you to keep on selling!

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Use your Social Media platform

Nowadays all of us have at least a Facebook page where we promote our business. That is a great start! Take the opportunity of almost everybody being in lockdown and at home, and most of all – ONLINE!
We all spend more time on our tablets, smartphones and our social media channels at the moment so every business can reach a bigger audience. There is ways and tricks how you can increase your Facebook follower’s engagement and to remain in touch with them for better times. Click here for some ideas

"But even after lockdown we won't get our tourists back right away"

I have heard that phrase so many times over the last weeks as I live and work on an island that does depend on tourism!

And yes, I agree with everyone that says so – BUT! Here it comes. The world is changing and so do we have to change our strategies. +

A local Bar that depended on tourism 24/7 all year round still has ways to keep going!

Rethink your strategy. Don’t think about what has had worked for you over the last 20 years. It won’t help you now! I recently suggested the online sale of meal-vouchers to a Lanzarote based Restaurant and within 10 days the made very good money with it!
All this is obviously based on the fact that you have a well-working website of your business – which is in 2020 a MUST HAVE anyway!

Every business needs to adapt and look ahead. And if you are struggling with ideas then contact me

I am happy to help you with keeping your business alive!

Follow my blog and get some ideas of what you can do in the near future to remain “in business”

If you have any particular question then do not hesitate and contact me directly

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4 Ideas how you can Boost your Restaurant or Cafe on Facebook

Recognise this uncertain time and that it can create unique challenges for your restaurant and/or cafe. Use this helpful information to support your Facebook Marketing during tough times, and see how businesses can adapt and respond.

No. 1 - Stay in touch with your customers

Share updates
Share important information with your customers using email, your website, Facebook Page, Instagram Business Profile or however you typically connect. You can update your business hours on your Facebook Page or let customers know about temporary service changes such as pick-up, delivery, online services or temporary closure.

Answer questions
Let customers know that they can call, email or message you with questions or to place an order.

Facebook groups
Explore small business takeaway groups in your area. Many communities are using Facebook pages as a way to surface restaurants that are open for takeaway, to connect with other restaurant owners or to share their favourite spots.

Post some creative content
Keep your customers informed by posting regularly about your menu or daily specials. Encourage takeaway or delivery orders. You could even try hosting short cooking demonstrations by going live on Facebook or Instagram.

No. 2 - Rethink ways to keep your business running

Many restaurants will have to adjust their business model as they rely on other means such as takeaway orders to survive – especially on an island that used to live off tourism. It can be hard but it may help.

Takeaway or curbside pick-up
Whether this is a new or existing offering, let customers know how they can contact you to place orders. You can create a post featuring your daily special or menu, your contact information and when you’re accepting orders. You can also download ready-made post templates here.

Online food ordering
Learn more about food ordering options on Instagram and see partners available in each country. They have also added interactive stickers in Stories to help you share these updates in a fun and engaging way.

Gift cards or fundraisers
Get set up to offer digital gift cards on Facebook or Instagram, so people can easily discover and support your business. Create a post about your gift card or create a story to generate even more awareness. You can also start a fundraiser for your business, your employees or another cause, and receive donations directly from your Facebook or Instagram profile.


No. 3 - Stay safe and updated

Stay up to date by following credible, official sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO), so you can safely adapt how you do business, and keep your employees and customers informed.

No. 4 - Get more ideas online and inspiration

Just Google and some research online or ask us how we could help you with an online strategy or social media marketing

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Let us all remember to support our local business


Going out on your own in the world is a hard thing no matter what you’re doing.

Now imagine doing that in this dog-eat-dog corporate world. Small business owners often have had their work cut out for them every turn for years. So, it’s a hard task they take on every single day and they do it to offer the public alternative options that are going to make a difference in the lives of consumers like us.
But why should we support a local business? What makes them so powerful that it will change our outlook on big companies for the better? Take a look for yourself.
It shows you care about your local community
The number one perk to consider, for obvious reasons, is that supporting a local business means that you care about the community that you live in. You’ll be able to put money back into your community and the other people who call it home, too. It’ll give your local economy a chance to thrive, too.

It shows respect to the business owners

Local business owners don’t have the funds to go big or go home, so when you buy local you are going to be respecting that they are getting out there everyday and trying their best to make an honest living even against all of the competition out there. There is a lot to be said for that. Shopping with a local business — regular shopping, that is — shows them the respect that you have for them and their attempts at doing things the right way.

You’re helping bring character to the commercial world

The commercial world is full of companies that all offer basically identical options. It’s hard to find anything that is entirely unique anymore. When you drive across country, and all you see is the same scene… same brand, same big box stores, same products on the shelves. Very disappointing, isn’t it?
However, when you are going off the beaten track and looking at local options, you’ll find that you will be able to get that character that you want and need for a gift or just something special for yourself and your home.

You’ll get unique products

Unlike big corporations, shopping local is going to offer you unique products that will be as incredible as you think they will. You’ll find unique twists on traditional possessions, or entirely unique ideas that create products that you never even knew you needed before you saw them in that shop. There are lots of local makers who bring their personal experiences, skills, and creativity to their products. Take the time to go to a local market event sometime and you’ll find out how these local people bring the soul to their products. And believe me, it might just make your day.

More info about the campaign and Geek Owl’s contribution to the #lockdown2020 here

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Emirates in coordination with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will be introducing additional precautions. Passengers on today’s flight to Tunisia were all tested for COVID-19 before departing from Dubai. Emirates is the first airline to conduct on-site rapid COVID-19 tests for passengers.

Emirates COVID 19 testing

The quick blood test was conducted by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and results were available within 10 minutes. This test was conveniently done at the Group Check-in area of Dubai International Airport Terminal 3.

Adel Al Redha, Emirates Chief Operating Officer said: “The testing process has gone smoothly and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the Dubai Health Authority for their initiatives and innovative solutions. This would have not been possible without the support of Dubai Airport and other government authorities. We are working on plans to scale up testing capabilities in the future and extend it to other flights, this will enable us to conduct on-site tests and provide immediate confirmation for Emirates passengers travelling to countries that require COVID-19 test certificates. The health and safety of staff and passengers at the airport remain of paramount importance.”

HE Humaid Al Qutami, Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), said: “We are glad to work with Emirates on the successful implementation of rapid COVID-19 testing at the airport for departing travellers. To tackle COVID-19, we have been proactively working with various governmental organisations and the private health sector and we have implemented all necessary measures from public health protection to provision of high-quality health services in line with the latest international guidelines. We believe strongly that the most effective solutions require close partnerships with other public and private sector organisations.”

The airline’s check-in and boarding formalities have also been adapted with social distancing in mind. Protective barriers have been installed at each check-in desk to provide additional safety measures to our passengers and employees during any interaction. Gloves, masks and hand sanitisers have been made mandatory for all employees at the airport.

Passengers are also required to wear their own masks when at the airport and on board the aircraft, and follow social distancing guidelines.Emirates has modified its inflight services for health and safety reasons.

Magazines and other print reading material will not be available, and while food and beverages will continue to be offered on board, packaging and presentation will be modified to reduce contact during meal service and minimize risk of interaction. Cabin baggage are currently not accepted on flights. Carry-on items allowed in the cabin are limited to laptop, handbag, briefcase or baby items. All other items have to be checked in, and Emirates will add the cabin baggage allowance to customers’ check-in baggage allowance.

All Emirates aircraft will go through enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes in Dubai, after each journey.

Credit: © Emirates Airlines / Text Tourexpi

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TUI Germany sees possibility to resume travel this summer

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I just recently heard (again) that “if so many others can make a website, it can’t be that hard”

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What is Branding and why should I need that?


Answer: Branding is basically giving your “brand” / “business” a consistent look.


People will recognize your business easier. It gives you more credibility. Good branding stands for “consistency”. You will stand out from other businesses


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So we all know that


is the place to search for everything…but how do we get our own website to appear amongst the first search results?

Well to simply things there is 2 ways of doing so.

Paid Google ADs or SEO


SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or un-paid, traffic from the search engine results page.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Google ADs

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