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These days you’ll find a lot of Ads, especially on Facebook, trying to sell you a digital menu that can be viewed by using a QR code.



Today I’ll show how you can actually do it yourself in 8 simple steps without others taking advantage of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Step 1: Create the Menu on Google Docs

Create your menu on Google docs for free. You can insert your logo and choose from all Google Fonts to make it look nice and pretty. Google Docs works as easy as Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages. See 1 on the image below.


Step 2: Make your Menu visible

As in 2 in the image below simply click SHARE once you are done with creating the menu.

make your own online-menu-01

Step 3: Anyone should be able to view your menu

As you can see at 1 in the image below make sure that ANYONE with the link to your menu can actually view the menu. Normally ANYONE is set as default.


Step 4: Copy the Link

As in 2 in the image below simply click COPY LINK and it will be copied to your clipboard.


Step 5: Create your QR Code for free

QR Code Generator is a free tool where you simply paste the Link you got from your Google Docs Menu as you can see at 1 in the image below.

2 shows you a preview of your QR Code


Step 6: Download the QR-Code image

As in 3 in the image below simply click DOWNLOAD and a popup window will open.


Step 7: Download the image

As you can see at 1 in the image below it offers to Sign-Up but you don’t have to as you can see at 2 in the image it is already being processed.
Then – depending on your Download settings – automatically download or ask you for the destination folder.


Step 8: You are ready to print

The image below shows you the file you just downloaded. Your personal QR Code that will lead your customers to your Menu when they scan it with their smartphone.

Almost all smartphones have the option already installed and simply need to use their camera function.

Print it, laminate it or make copies that you throw out after it was used.

Save your money and do it yourself

If you are struggling with these instructions then feel free to contact us

qr code sample

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4 Ideas how you can Boost your Restaurant or Cafe on Facebook

Recognise this uncertain time and that it can create unique challenges for your restaurant and/or cafe. Use this helpful information to support your Facebook Marketing during tough times, and see how businesses can adapt and respond.

No. 1 - Stay in touch with your customers

Share updates
Share important information with your customers using email, your website, Facebook Page, Instagram Business Profile or however you typically connect. You can update your business hours on your Facebook Page or let customers know about temporary service changes such as pick-up, delivery, online services or temporary closure.

Answer questions
Let customers know that they can call, email or message you with questions or to place an order.

Facebook groups
Explore small business takeaway groups in your area. Many communities are using Facebook pages as a way to surface restaurants that are open for takeaway, to connect with other restaurant owners or to share their favourite spots.

Post some creative content
Keep your customers informed by posting regularly about your menu or daily specials. Encourage takeaway or delivery orders. You could even try hosting short cooking demonstrations by going live on Facebook or Instagram.

No. 2 - Rethink ways to keep your business running

Many restaurants will have to adjust their business model as they rely on other means such as takeaway orders to survive – especially on an island that used to live off tourism. It can be hard but it may help.

Takeaway or curbside pick-up
Whether this is a new or existing offering, let customers know how they can contact you to place orders. You can create a post featuring your daily special or menu, your contact information and when you’re accepting orders. You can also download ready-made post templates here.

Online food ordering
Learn more about food ordering options on Instagram and see partners available in each country. They have also added interactive stickers in Stories to help you share these updates in a fun and engaging way.

Gift cards or fundraisers
Get set up to offer digital gift cards on Facebook or Instagram, so people can easily discover and support your business. Create a post about your gift card or create a story to generate even more awareness. You can also start a fundraiser for your business, your employees or another cause, and receive donations directly from your Facebook or Instagram profile.


No. 3 - Stay safe and updated

Stay up to date by following credible, official sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO), so you can safely adapt how you do business, and keep your employees and customers informed.

No. 4 - Get more ideas online and inspiration

Just Google and some research online or ask us how we could help you with an online strategy or social media marketing

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What is Branding and why should I need that?


Answer: Branding is basically giving your “brand” / “business” a consistent look.


People will recognize your business easier. It gives you more credibility. Good branding stands for “consistency”. You will stand out from other businesses


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