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Patrick March 28, 2020 0 Comments

For those who did not know yet – GOOGLE does rank your website higher or lower according to your PageSpeed.

Your Website’s Speed depends on a lot of factors but one very important one, that you can manage yourself, is the file size of the images you upload.

So we thought we give a quick insight how to resize and save file size online and for free by putting together a short tutorial. The PDF is attached and available for download


digital marketing web design lanzarote geek owl page speed image

If you scroll down we explain you how to compress the file once more – just to make sure that Google is happy with it 🙂


To compress the file size to its minimum size so Google will like it even more just go to

and follow steps in the above image. 1-2-3 and see how much you can save in webspace and PageSpeed




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