Why is Google Ranking everything?

Patrick March 3, 2020 0 Comments

Some of you might still be wondering why a good Google search result is so much more important than a good ranking on Bing, Yahoo or other Search Engines.

Well the answer is easy:

Just check out the graphic below that shows the statistic which search engines have been used most over the last 11(!) years only in Europe.
Source: StatCounter – Global stats

93.36% of all internet users in Europe use GOOGLE and with
2.81% bing is on 2nd place!

Lanzarote-Web-DEsign-and-SEO-SEM-by-geek-owl-Google-search engine stats-preview-image

So if your SEO expert only performs and dedicates his work to Google’s search results then he is basically doing what’s best!


PLUS! Today’s most used web browser (covers around 51%) is also the Google Chrome browser (see img below) which is by default using the Google Search Engine.

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