How and why businesses should adapt during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic

Patrick May 7, 2020 0 Comments

The sudden COVID-19 outbreak has caused a massive set-back to businesses

And even worse, the prompt lockdown in most countries has had such a huge impact on all of us. From small restaurants to multinational corporations. All of them have been forced to change how they do work amid a series of shutdown orders to help stem the tide of the virus. They have also had to implement these massive organizational changes in just a matter of weeks to attempt to stay afloat — with many companies shifting to full-scale working from home plans and others going all in on delivery – if they were lucky enough to do so!

What can big companies and small, local businesses do to avoid bankruptcy?

To be straight up with you – there is no magical formula! Nobody knows how long this crisis will last and what impact it will have on the future “post-corona”

But businesses can and will have to adapt!

Most of trades, purchases and shopping is still done in a personal or physical way. Social distancing prevents people from doing so at the moment so why not using the digital and online way to keep our business alive? The internet is a, at least “short-term” solution to this. If not even the long-term solution to make businesses less depending on physical contact or sales.

Go online and sell your products!

Many companies have the chance to sell their goods and products online. There is plenty of ways of doing so. An online web store for example. Many web designers offer right now incredible deals to help you to keep on selling!

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Use your Social Media platform

Nowadays all of us have at least a Facebook page where we promote our business. That is a great start! Take the opportunity of almost everybody being in lockdown and at home, and most of all – ONLINE!
We all spend more time on our tablets, smartphones and our social media channels at the moment so every business can reach a bigger audience. There is ways and tricks how you can increase your Facebook follower’s engagement and to remain in touch with them for better times. Click here for some ideas

"But even after lockdown we won't get our tourists back right away"

I have heard that phrase so many times over the last weeks as I live and work on an island that does depend on tourism!

And yes, I agree with everyone that says so – BUT! Here it comes. The world is changing and so do we have to change our strategies. +

A local Bar that depended on tourism 24/7 all year round still has ways to keep going!

Rethink your strategy. Don’t think about what has had worked for you over the last 20 years. It won’t help you now! I recently suggested the online sale of meal-vouchers to a Lanzarote based Restaurant and within 10 days the made very good money with it!
All this is obviously based on the fact that you have a well-working website of your business – which is in 2020 a MUST HAVE anyway!

Every business needs to adapt and look ahead. And if you are struggling with ideas then contact me

I am happy to help you with keeping your business alive!

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