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Patrick May 17, 2020 4 Comments

These days you’ll find a lot of Ads, especially on Facebook, trying to sell you a digital menu that can be viewed by using a QR code.



Today I’ll show how you can actually do it yourself in 8 simple steps without others taking advantage of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Step 1: Create the Menu on Google Docs

Create your menu on Google docs for free. You can insert your logo and choose from all Google Fonts to make it look nice and pretty. Google Docs works as easy as Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages. See 1 on the image below.


Step 2: Make your Menu visible

As in 2 in the image below simply click SHARE once you are done with creating the menu.

make your own online-menu-01

Step 3: Anyone should be able to view your menu

As you can see at 1 in the image below make sure that ANYONE with the link to your menu can actually view the menu. Normally ANYONE is set as default.


Step 4: Copy the Link

As in 2 in the image below simply click COPY LINK and it will be copied to your clipboard.


Step 5: Create your QR Code for free

QR Code Generator is a free tool where you simply paste the Link you got from your Google Docs Menu as you can see at 1 in the image below.

2 shows you a preview of your QR Code


Step 6: Download the QR-Code image

As in 3 in the image below simply click DOWNLOAD and a popup window will open.


Step 7: Download the image

As you can see at 1 in the image below it offers to Sign-Up but you don’t have to as you can see at 2 in the image it is already being processed.
Then – depending on your Download settings – automatically download or ask you for the destination folder.


Step 8: You are ready to print

The image below shows you the file you just downloaded. Your personal QR Code that will lead your customers to your Menu when they scan it with their smartphone.

Almost all smartphones have the option already installed and simply need to use their camera function.

Print it, laminate it or make copies that you throw out after it was used.

Save your money and do it yourself

If you are struggling with these instructions then feel free to contact us

qr code sample
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  1. Paul Gerard
    June 15, 2020

    This is bad advice for restaurants that care about how they run their business. There are some major flaws with doing this yourself. For example, if you’re not a designer, then you menu will not looks so good (like your example). Also free services often limit the number of scans you can make and once you hit it you are left without a menu. What happens if the free service goes down, or has an outage. Again, left without a menu. It’s easy to spot people who use the free stuff (website builders, hosted services). They are streets behind a proper investment.

    • Patrick
      June 15, 2020

      Hi Paul!
      Thank you for your comment but first of all is that a free tutorial and up to each and everyone if they want to use it. And second, it works like a charm and none of the services we mentioned (qr-code generator or google docs) is limit to any scans or needs to be paid for.
      The tutorial serves those that cannot afford a designer in such tough times. And yes, we used a very simple example and if you want to pay for something it needs to be paid. But at least we are offering an alternative and do not charge people 50€ per month for the same purpose.

      We appreciate your feedback.

      • Paul Gerard
        June 15, 2020

        A free tutorial is to be considered advice, is it not? It’s free for 14 days from what I can see but your tutorial can be misleading. As with anything, you get what you pay for. You also mention “taking advantage” of the Covid-19 situation. From what I can see you profit from using a free website building platform that people can use themselves to build a web site. Sorry for the comments on your blog, and feel free to delete them, but there is just something that doesn’t sit right with some of the things you have mentioned in this tutorial. All the best. Paul

        • Patrick
          June 15, 2020

          free tutorial means if you want to use it, this is how it works. I am not advising anyone to do this or that.
          The QR Code generator is free and my tutorial is not misleading. And yes, it is taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation if you try and make money of it. This is what we believe in. We even gave a discount of 50% on web design for those that needed an online shop in order to keep selling and not having to shut down.

          The website building platform WordPress is one of the platforms we use and is free. But do people know how to do it? We offer these services because we have the knowledge about php, html, css, mysql etc…And the themes that we use aren’t free and even those need sometimes customization which cannot be done without php or css knowledge.
          The comment section is enabled and criticism or opinions are always welcome.
          We are not hiding anything.
          All the best for you, too

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